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Episode Summary:

Our first episode! 🥳 Woohoo!

In the bustling world of modern construction, where projects are complex and timelines are tight, the role of documented Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) is often met with skepticism. This episode aims to shed light on the prevalent misconceptions that small and mid-sized construction companies have about documenting their core operational systems.

We dive into why the following excuses just don’t cut it:

4:30 — “We’re Too Small for SOPs”

7:19 — “Our Crews Know What to Do”

9:03 — “Documentation is a Time Sink”

10:56 — “We Can’t Afford It”

12:44–“We Hire Based on Experience”

15:36 — “We’ll Figure It Out Onsite”


Stop making excuses and start making a difference in your company by clearly communicating your standards and expectations with documented SOPs!

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