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Episode Summary:

In construction, even the most well-planned projects can hit unexpected bumps in the road. When a project goes sideways and a client becomes dissatisfied, it is essential for contractors to adopt a proactive and empathetic approach to quickly address the situation. In this episode, we explore a comprehensive plan of action that contractors can follow to not only smooth things over with an angry client, but also strengthen the relationship for future successful projects together.

1:46 — Recent coaching incident
5:37 — Understand the client’s perspective
6:48 — Acknowledge the client’s feelings
7:24 — Avoid getting defensive
8:36 — Repercussions of extreme measures
9:16 — Allow time to cool down
9:54 — Give them a call
11:16 — Communicate openly and honestly
12:25 — Collaborate to find a solution
13:28 — Send a follow-up summary email
14:06 — Stick to your promises
14:28 — Learn from your mistakes and safeguard for the future
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